Goodbye Texas. Hello Michigan! ….well, eventually, tomorrow some time

After five years and two separate locations, I am moving back to Michigan for a little less than two months. While in Michigan, I intend to write about some of the things there that I’m going to miss and that people outside of Michigan might not know about.

I had a great time in Texas, and I’m definitely going to miss a lot of things about it. I met a lot of great people there. I’m also leaving some of my best friends behind in Texas. I’m not sure they’ve quite decided whether they’ll ever forgive me yet since we were the reason they moved there in the first place.

Since I’ll be back in Michigan, I’ll be throwing in some different Michigander things along with my Japanese cultural posts. Look forward to a post on the daruma doll coming shortly!

Anything you’re interested to know about Michigan or where I’m going to be staying? Feel free to ask away!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Texas. Hello Michigan! ….well, eventually, tomorrow some time

  1. I watched the parts unknown episode about Detroit. it was enlightening but still tv. what is the mood of the people in the city and does there seem to be progress in rebuilding the community?

    1. Sorry I just finally got off the road not that long ago.

      The short answer is that they are cautiously optimistic. Progress is a term that needs to be taken in context. Rebuilding the city of Detroit is kind of like trying to bale out a sinking yacht with a single bucket. The bottoms been patched, but there are so many problems that it’s hard to fix anything all at once.

      That being said Detroit is kind of like most Michiganders (yes people really do refer to themselves that way) unattractive annoying little brother. Yes he’s obnoxious and tends to get into a lot of trouble, but like the big siblings we are we see the potential. Only we get to bash our little brother. Anybody else better keep those nasty mean thoughts to themselves

      Again, this is the short answer. I think I may turn this into a longer post un the near future.

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