Exploration is definitely rewarding.


One of the best things about wandering aimlessly around my apartment is that I stumble onto things like shrines. A few minutes walk from our apartment, Adam and I stumbled onto this absolutely awesome shrine. It was tucked back into a neighborhood just across the street from the prefectural office. We’d actually spotted it the day before. Neither one of us wanted to be rude or do anything wrong, so we waited to go back and do a little research before mounting the steps up to the shrine itself.

The weather has gone from hot and cloudy to rainy and back again. I haven’t experienced much else besides that since getting to Hiroshima. No one but us, one woman who seemed to be also exercising, and a young mother with her daughter were even at the shrine. We entered up the side of the stairs since it is impolite to walk down the center. I did not realize this until half way up. Thankfully Adam told me before I could make to big of a jerk out of myself.


There are definitely not as many stairs as there could have been. Many shrines even pride themselves on how many stairs you need to climb to reach the temple proper. At the top there was a spread of temple buildings.






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