Pizza hut and some interesting fall specials


This past Friday night Adam and I were having a hankering for pizza. Yes, I realize that going to a foreign country should mean loving all the new stuff. I do, but sometimes you just need a little taste of home.

Pizza hut, should be a safe choice. Yes, but only if you actually read the menu, a few times, and then double check what you’ve already read. Adam and I both love Korean food. Korean style meat is pretty popular in Japan. Should be safe to have a Korean style meat pizza.


Apparently, at the moment, for some reason I’ve yet to figure out, horse has become the big fall special in Japan. The horse pizza is the bottom half of the pizza. That is exactly what we had on our pizza. I’m not saying that I’d seek it out, but, and I hate myself a little for this part, it was tasty. It was slightly sweeter than other meats I’ve tried and it also melted away you chewed. It was strangely delicious.

The other side of the pizza was less adventurous. It was a teriyaki chicken style pizza with big slices of chicken. The chicken pizza had mayonnaise, of course, corn, and cheese. We also got the pizza with a super awesome sausage crust. It had cheese and sausage rolled into the ends of the slices. That we will definitely do again.

Unlike the states though, we got a large pizza that was about the same size as a small in the states. It’s probably better that way. It means we eat less which has contributed to both of our weight loss. Tasty and strange all rolled into one.


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