Black Thunder….that is all….


For those of you who can’t read in Japanese, the name of this little candy bar is exactly what the title says it is. The name of this candy bar is Black Thunder (Burakku Sandaa). It’s fricken delicious is what it really is.


This small candy bar, which can be purchased for around fifty cents, is  a delicious combination of cookie and chocolate. The inside is a lovely light cookie that reminds me a bit of the cookie part of an Oreo. There are little crispy rice puffs dispersed through out the inside as well. To top it all off there is a thin, delicious coating of chocolate on the outside. Silly title, yes, but it’s delicious all the same.


2 thoughts on “Black Thunder….that is all….

  1. Hey mrs. Emeigh, it’s Ricky Betancourt. I know I haven’t talked to you in a while and I’m sorry. High school is pretty tought but I’m fighting through it. I’m in the drumline at Memorial and it’s really really fun to march and play. Email me whenever you can

    1. Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. That’s great that you’re on the drumline at Memorial. Mr. Bowlin keeps posting things to Facebook. I think I might have gotten to watch a performance video with you in. It was really blurry and you’re all in uniform, so it was hard to tell. I really hope things are going well.

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