Just walking


Today was one of those perfect days. The sun was shining down in that soft way that doesn’t blind you. It’s warm, just warm. It’s the kind of warm that feels like you’re wrapped in a soft blanket. Only, it’s just the air. You only get those kind of days when the seasons are changing. Right before Fall comes we always used to get those kind of days in Michigan.

I know, you’re all cursing me right now because for you these nice warm days have already passed you by. You’ll have to give me a break. After living in Texas for five years, it’s nice to be getting those telltale days. What’s more I’m not actually too stressed to enjoy them. To go along with this lovely weather I’m having exam week. The kids go home early, I get to have quiet time in my room, and then I get to walk home having already accomplished everything I would have had too little time to do last year. It’s a really nice feeling.



I talked for a while today to one of my prefectural advisers. She said something that sort of stuck in my head. She called me a clean slate. More and more I’m feeling that I am exactly that. Going somewhere new changes more than just arbitrary things like language and surroundings. Because you are somewhere different, you’re allowed to be someone different. Well, not really someone different. You get to really reexamine yourself. The old habits stay where you were. They don’t have to come with you.

Maybe that’s why some people have difficulty with travel. When all that’s left is you, what are you going to find? I can say that I’ve found a new perspective from the top of the hill, and that from where I’m standing, the sun seems to be shining.


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