So today I did this


One of the awesome things about working here in Japan is that I have to put on things like Halloween parties. It’s all for the cause of showing the children in my English speaking society “real American culture”.

To me this is an excuse to revel in the sweet nostalgic awesomeness of my child hood. Yesterday we all got together and carved pumpkins. Most of the students had never even opened up pumpkins let alone carved them.

Today we had a Halloween party. We gave out goody bags with candy from back home; had a competition for the pumpkins they carved the day before; put together bowls of fame monster parts so they could guess what they really were; and held a haunted house coloring contest. It was really awesome and all very old fashioned now back home. I kind of wish it weren’t.

My big contribution was to draw a picture for the board. I’m proud of how it turned out even though it isn’t super awesome. I sectioned the picture I based it on so that I could section off the blackboard. Below are some pictures of the process. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of just the grid. I got excited and started before I took a picture.






It’s nice to, for once, have time to do all those crazy over the top things teachers should have time for. Yes I know I’m lucky and that most teachers in Japan don’t have the free time that I have. I know that most teachers in the states don’t, but maybe, just maybe, they should. We want exceptional teachers. Exceptional teachers need time to be exceptional. Just some random thoughts after a day which wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t had the time to plan it.

Since I’m here in japan, I’d love to know some things you’d like me to talk about. I’ll be going to Osaka this weekend. The comment section is below. Go!


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