Poking wool with needles is fun!


Japan is a very crafty place to be. People love to make all kinds of things from jewelry to food shaped like other kinds of food. Yes I will do a post about this.

Unfortunately, this means that I have discovered a new possible obsession. Felting. No not the fabric felt. I’m not sewing felt together, or even gluing it together. I’m actually taking pieces of raw wool, stabbing them with a needle, and turning them into shapes. Adorable shapes!


On a whim Saturday, I purchased this kit. Yes, that’s corgi. I know, it’s cute right? I’d seen it before, but wasn’t really sure what you did with it.

Adam and I had a few minutes to kill inside the train station on Saturday. We wandered up and stumbled onto a great little sewing shop. Inside was a row of these kits, which I’d seen before. Thankfully I have a husband that understands that sometimes you just need to spent five whole dollars on something silly.

Since I still wasn’t sure what to do with the thing I decided to do some research on what these felting projects were. Below is a video of my next project. I say next because I watched the video and then discovered that the store I normally go to has it in stock. Yay! If you’re still curious, and who wouldn’t be these are fascinating to watch, just hop over to youtube and do a quick search for needle felting.

It sounds bizarre, but all needle felting is, is taking raw wool, pinching it into something close to the desired shape, and then stabbing it a couple hundred times. The specially designed needle pulls the fibers together and pulls them tight. You’d be surprised how well the shapes hold up.

This is a picture of the needles you can use. You can use either one needle at a time,


or you can use one of these guys. It lets you use multiple needles at once so the fibers will felt faster.


This is my first project. It’s a corgi! Yes, it’s a bit oblong and strange, but come on it’s my first project.

Here’s to a new crafting obsession!


2 thoughts on “Poking wool with needles is fun!

  1. I love needle felting! I learnt how to make a few things from watching Bubzbeauty on YouTube! She has a super cute ‘how to make a cat’ video that I used and now I have a cute cat friend!

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