Some news of the awesome variety.

I made a New Year’s resolution. I know, so cliche. My resolution was to start writing more and actually sending some things in. That’s probably part of the reason I have been woefully, shamelessly lax on this here blog.

It was all worth it. A new young adult literature magazine has decided to publish one of my short stories in their first issue this May. They have also decided to feature a short chunk of the story on their website. You can find the link here.

I’d like to say that I was getting paid or that it was some super prestigious magazine. It’s not, but, hey, I’ve gotten something published. I can say with some certainty now that other people, besides family, like what I write. At the moment, that’s worth more than money, so I’ll take the exposure and run with it.

Yay! I’m published-ish.


4 thoughts on “Some news of the awesome variety.

  1. I would think that getting published has a surreal feeling to it! I almost got published as part of an anthology series to be used in schools but the publishers and the educational organisation couldn’t come to terms and the idea was scrapped. That was as close as I got to getting published. But of course it’s not too late to try again; it’s never too late 🙂

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