642 Why I’m trying to write a little every day.


I’m busy. Like really busy, but I love to read and write. So, how does one get better at something even when they’re busy?

They suck it up and make time for it anyway! They stop yammering on about what they’d like to do and they do it.

Anyway, cheerleading aside, I have been a bit absent in my writing. Fortunately, I have an awesome book next to me with lots of chewy, bite-sized writing prompts just waiting to be written about. So that’s just what I’m going to do.

I will be attempting to, little by little, write my way through the Young Adult version of 642 Things to Write About.

But Mrs. Emeigh, you’re an adult!

Pirates. Fairytales. Awesomeness. Besides, I’m not really sure I like being an adult all the time. Also, I like writing for young people, so why not write about those kinds of prompts.

Anyway, enough blah blah blah about the fact that I’m going to write and on with the writing!

Also, as a last note, I make no promises that my numbering is accurate. I’ve tried….three times…to number this book. I’ve managed to get to 642, but only with a slight bit of fudging. Oh well. It can’t be helped.


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