#270 – What do you do after school?

Seeing as I’m a teacher and still work in schools, this one feels right tonight, especially this close to summer.

Most nights it’s fairly boring. I do things like clean the kitchen and make dinner. Then most of the time I read or write, though not as much as I should.

Sometimes I cross stitch and watch documentaries about somewhat depressing stuff. If it’s about the Holocaust, I’ve probably watched it. For example, last night I stitched a cute geometrical deer and watched something about the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Lately, I’ve had this strange hunger to know more about the things that happened when I was too small to remember. Because of this I’ve delved into weird topics lately like the one mentioned above, Enron, and the 2008 financial crisis.

To be frank, the last one has probably had the most immediate effect on my life as it stands though, if I’m honest, I was lucky not to be affected too negatively. After college, my husband and I were pretty lucky to find well paying jobs out of state. It even allowed us to eventually move abroad.

Apparently, I’m getting a bit introspective tonight. Sometimes that’s where writing takes you though.

I guess I’ve always been someone who’s interested in the nuts and bolts of things. I like to know how things fit together, and I definitely like to know what’s happened before so I’m prepared for what might happen next.

That’s something I really try to impart to the students I see on a regular basis. That something small, seemingly insignificant, can change the course of someone’s life and in changing that life can change the course of the world. It’s part of the world’s beauty and part of what can make it so horrible.

Of course, I try to focus on the beauty.

But there is no light without the dark.


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