Adette Price: Undercover Witch


Adette only has one task left before she is a full fledged witch. Unfortunately, she seems to have either fallen victim to a joke courtesy of the Elders or made someone very angry. What little information she has seems to have been given to her out of pity, and the addition of a familiar, Karl, isn’t making things any clearer. What is clear is that no one can see her using her magic. Saving her little town just may turn out to be a very thankless job indeed.

Chapter 1: The Girl is a Lie

Chapter 2: Mission Acquired 

Chapter 3: Karl

Chapter 4: Seriously a Tree?

Chapter 5: Up in Smoke

Chapter 6: The Baker’s Daughter

Chapter 7: A Bird’s Eye View

Chapter 8: Basket Case

Chapter 9: A New Friend, I think

Chapter 10: Trouble in Town

Chapter 11: The Doctor

Chapter 12: Who uses a bubble?

Chapter 13: No Rest for the Wary

Chapter 14: I belong here, really

Chapter 15: Samantha the Seamstress 

Chapter 16:Of Lurking Creatures and Herbs

Chapter 17: Are We Friends Yet?

Chapter 18: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Chapter 19: Really?

Chapter 20: Ok, that’s enough. I’m hungry.

Chapter 21: What’s next?

Chapter 22: Getting Some Answers

Chapter 23: Making Progress

Chapter 24: Foe or Peacock

Chapter 25: Just When You Think it’s Over

Chapter 26: The Ugly Umbrella

Chapter 27: A Small Reprieve

Chapter 28: Addy?


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