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Holy Crap it’s only a week away!

I need to post something. Honestly I’ve been more than a little frazzled lately. In less than a week, I will finally be in Tokyo for the first time. I’m both excited and a little terrified. Who wouldn’t be scared about moving 6,000 miles away.

Bodhi and I are ready. My little purple lucky cat and I are also ready. I’ll do a full post later on the lucky cat phenomenon later on. The short version is that my lucky cat is something that guards my room, and, depending on the color, helps focus certain kinds of lucky energy. Mine is purple. Apparently purple is a color that is supposed to give you good creative energy. He lives above a doorway so that every time you enter the room you get a little extra boost. I haven’t named him yet. I’ll get to that later.

At the moment, most of my life is summed up into the clothes about to be packed into my two giant suitcases. It may interest you to know that there are a few things I’m stock piling for various reasons.

The first thing I’m taking a lot of is deodorant. Yup, I’m sure that wasn’t something you really needed to know about me huh? It’s ok everyone sweats, even girls. Unfortunately Japanese girls just don’t sweat quite so much and when they do, it’s not quite so smelly. Actually it’s not just the girls, it’s everyone. Lucky them right? Check this out if you don’t believe me.

The other thing I’m taking a lot of is toothpaste. This is a little more down to my own personal preference. I do like that fancy enamel rebuilding stuff. You can get pretty good toothpaste over there and yes Japanese people do take pretty good care of their teeth. It is not quite what the stereotypical knowledge would have you believe. Still there isn’t necessarily the same type of things I’m used to finding in the U.S. To make matters worse you have to understand a completely different reading style to figure out exactly what you’re buying. This is why things like this exist.

I’m sure as I actually spend time in the country that I will find other things along this same line. This is why I have some willing people in the states who will send me those essentials I don’t realize I’m going to need yet.