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#49 – Choose a villain from one of your favorite stories. Write about the world the way they see it. Give that person a chance to explain their actions.

“Murdered. She murdered her.” A single crystal goblet sailed across the room shattering into a thousand shimmering pieces against the stone wall.

“Yes, my lady.” Beneath the decorative blue and red uniform, the witch could see the monkey’s tail quivering. Good, he should be afraid.

“And you say they cheered.” One green hand closed into a tight fist at the witch’s side.

“They cheered and then gifted the house girl with the slippers.” The witch stopped and her head slowly turned toward the guard.

“Get out.” The order grated past her lips. The monkey began to move but not quickly enough.

“Get Out!” With his tail tucked protectively beneath his robes, the monkey sprinted the rest of the way.

“I’ll get you and your little dog too,” the witch said and meant it.


Remember that Magazine I was getting published in? Well, here it is.


I’m excited to link everyone to my first story publication. Of course you should read more stories than just mine.

There are lots of cool pieces of literature and art in the magazine, and I’d really like to see it get some support. I think it could be a really good outlet for young adult writers.

Please click the link to the issues. It’s the first issue, so it’s very easy to find. My story is called “Mira the Marred.” My picture is even next to it an everything. Please check it out here.