642 Things to Write About Young Readers!


I have always been in love with the 642 Things books. I have the adult version, but, frankly, the young reader one is just so much more fun.

I’ve decided to tackle this major project on an every other day basis, and this page is where I plan to post links to each of the additions I make. I can’t promise that they’ll be in order, or that they’ll even be properly numbered. I had some issues with that. Eventually, they’ll all be there.

#3 – The entire neighborhood is beige and gray, but at the end of the street sits a bright blue house. Who lives there?

#49 – Choose a villain from one of your favorite stories. Write about the world the way they see it. Give that person a chance to explain their actions.

#206 – Write a poem from the point of view of a lion at the zoo

#270 – What do you do after school?

#410 – Write about a time in your life when you had to be brace. What situation were you in? How did you find the strength?

#440 – What are you carrying in your bag right now?



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